Children and Adolescent Counselling

A Safe Place To Talk

My vast experience of working with primary school children for many years created a natural empathy and connectedness which is incorporated in my therapeutic work with children and adolescents.

I work creatively through play and art as this approach enables me to see and reach behind their emotions and behaviours with empathy and sensitivity. By understanding some of what they are experiencing, often an unseen inner landscape of turmoil, chaos and anxiety, I can offer psychological and emotional support and a rational perspective.

I feel humbled and privileged to be able to offer a safe, confidential counselling service to children and adolescents within which they can explore their true feelings to provide a solid platform upon which to build a positive future.

“Counselling carefully takes care of my feelings. I feel safe and free to share and I know that I can trust counselling.”

 - Young Girl


Choose safe talk, not silence...